About Us

ATA Consult Ltd. is registered as a limited liability professional audit company in 1997. The scope of activity of the company according to its registration comprises integrated external independent auditing and related accounting services to both physical and juridical persons; finance management; corporate and personal finance management and tax advice; consultancy in assessment of entire enterprises; other investment analyses and support. ATA Consult Ltd. is licensed and listed to those activities by the Bulgarian Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 1997.

In charge of the company are the Senior Partners:

Mrs. Radosveta Vesselinova C.P.A. – registered auditor
Mr. Rumen Vesselinov C.P.A. – registered auditor

The partners in ATA Consult Ltd. had started their professional careers in the early nineties. ATA Consult Ltd. is providing accounting, consulting and auditing services to commercial and government organizations, as well as to a a number of private and state companies and non-governmental organizations.

ATA Consult Ltd. professional services rendered are primarily purposed by responsibility, competence, timeliness and continuous contacts with the clients in the management of their operations, and as well aimed to correctly disclose and report their respective achievements.

ATA Consult Ltd. is a member of: